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Fiancé Visas Made Simple........................................



Q. Who needs a reference on applying for a KI fiancé(e) visa ?

A. Every year tens of thousands of people apply for K1 fiancé(e) visas, and the average cost in application fees alone is around $3,500. In addition, a large percentage of people engage an attorney to help with the process, adding an average of $2,000.

I have personally been through this process, without using an attorney. Most of the work invloves gathering documents (birth certificates, police records etc.) that an attorney cannot do for you, so why pay an additional $2,500 just for someone to complete the (free) forms with the information you provide them.


The purpose of this book is to help you understand what you need, provide examples of completed forms, reference letters and affidavits for you to copy, and provide a few simple tips to make the process easier.

I have provided one comprehensive guide for the complete process from start to finish, however to make the decision to purchase it simple for you, I have divided the book into three parts, covering the three major steps. In this way, you can simply go ahead with part 1 for a mere $10.00, and if you feel I have provided good value for your investment, you can proceed to purchase parts 2 and 3 as you approach those steps.


The book also provides links to useful resources including USCIS, Dept. of State, translators, civil physicians approved by the immigration services and many others, and although the book is primarily targeted at immigration of a fiancé from Thailand to the USA, the procedures and general principles hold true for immigration from most of Asia and many other countries
around the world.

For an initial investment of just $10 I think you would agree you have lots to gain and VERY little to loose!

I hope you find the book informative and enjoyable, have fun!